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1.①pretty 英[ˈprɪtɪ] 美[ˈprɪti] adv. 相当;颇,很,非常 He used pretty bad language on me. 他对我使用了非常下流的语言。 adj. 美丽的;优美的 He is engaged to a pretty girl. 他跟一个漂亮的姑娘定亲了。 n. ...


gorgeous是形容词,本来的意思是“华丽的、灿烂的”(Dazzlingly beautiful or magnificent)。也用来形容“美丽、漂亮”的事物。虽然beautiful 也作“美丽、漂亮”解释,但在程度上 gorgeous 比 beautiful还要再漂亮一点。

美美丽人啊.. 那可以翻译成 Pretty Beauty呀~ pretty就是美丽动人的意思~ beauty就是美人儿~ 读起来又顺口,看着好看,意思又合适!

There are many factors that can contribute to a person’s success in life. But of all the possible characteristics that can affect one’s success, I believe self-confidence to be the most important for the following reasons. The ...

Pretty woman, walking down the street Pretty woman, the kind I like to meet Pretty woman, I dont believe you You're not the truth No one could look as good as you Mercy Pretty woman, won't you pardon me Pretty woman, I couldnt ...

你好! Although you pretty, but I can't flow spend cherish jade, I most like molesting a beauty like you 然你很漂亮,但我不能怜花惜玉,我最喜欢调戏美女喜欢你

A错了 答案B Than 前面的形容词 smart ,是单音节的形容词,比较级是要直接加er就可以了

prettyboy 漂亮男孩 歌手:m2m i lie awake at night 夜晚我躺在床上 see things in black and white 看一切尽在黑白中 i've only got you inside my mind 我脑海中就只有你 you know you have made me blind 你让我无法控制 i lie awake and pra...

you are my everything 你是我的全部 and you have to know 而你必须知道 I just can't waiting for a moment 我一分一秒都无法等待 and I love you so 如此的爱你 oh baby you are my everything 你是我的一切 but I have to say 但我必须说 I ...

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