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my shirt is mADE oF Cotton这句话的各个词在句中...

my shirt 是主语,其中 my 是 shirt 的定语。 is made 是被动语态的谓语动词,is 是助动词。 of cotton 是状语,cotton 是介词 of 的宾语。

A made of 看得出原材料很高兴第一时间为您解答,祝学习进步如有问题请及时追问,谢谢~~O(∩_∩)O

of be made of be made from 这两个都是“由...制造” 因为T ——shirt 是可以从外表看起来使用cotton(棉)做的 所以用 “of"

was 衣服已经做好了,所以,是一般过去时

My new T-shirt is over there.

Hi,my name is Hu Haiyue.I am in Class 1 Grade 4 .I have many clothes.I have a blue shirt and blue trousers.I have many colorful clothes too.I like my yellow sweater with white skirt best.There are some red flowers and blue butt...

划线部分是什么? 是My shirt的话,就是What is in the gym? 如果是My的话,就是Whose shirt is in the gym?

What colour is my T-shirt? 我的T恤衫是什么颜色的?

问题中biue应为blue的误拼。 ‘s这里应理解为is的缩写形式,但is一般只与常见的词缩写,如he's,what's等,不建议和 shirt缩写,因此My shirt's blue可不推荐用法。

My new clothes The spring festival is coming .My parents buy me some new clothes .Let me show them to you .They are a T-shirt ,a jacket ,a pair of jeans and a pair of trainers . The T-shirt and the jeans are made of cotton .I t...

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