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make one's way 英 [ meik wʌnz wei ] 美 [ mek wʌnz we ] 走,行走,前进 发迹 1 .I made my way towards the harbor. 我朝港口的方向走。 2 One way to do that is to make clear the player's point of view. 一种方式便是提供给玩...

make ones way [ meik wʌnz wei ] 行走,前进 make one's way to [ meik wʌnz wei tu] 想方设法进入 例句: I made my way towards the harbor.我朝港口的方向走。 On one's way to see a film.在去看电影的路上。

At the moment, they are making their way to the museum.

make ones's way up 人的方式 make ones's way up 人的方式 make ones's way up 人的方式

make ones way out 使某人的出路


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