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DEAling with和DEAl with 表示"有关"这一意思时有...

词组 deal with 处理;涉及;做生意前者是动名词短语表示主动或正在进行,后者是原形。

(1)deal with作“对付,处理”之意时,意同do with,如: I don’t know how they deal with the problem . (= I don‘t know what they do with the problem . )我不知道他们如何处理这个问题。 He is easy to deal with . (= He is easy to do with...

deal with意为“处理”。deal的过去式和过去分词都是dealt。例如: ① I don\'t know how to deal with the problem. 我们不知道如何处理这个问题。 ②At the beginning of this term, we\'ll have many difficulties to deal with. 这学期开始我们...


词组deal with 处理;涉及;做生意 前者是动名词短语表示主动或正在进行,后者是原形。 求采纳

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People deal with pressure in a variety of different ways, but we need to understand the significance of pressure in order to cope with it. Usually pressure stems from the fear of failure. Fear of failure comes from the reaction...

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