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开机: power on the phone 待机: standby mode on bootup 是指手机开机, 启动的意思。 ×另附手机英文词汇 对讲机 Walkie-Talkie 全球定位系统 GPS (Global Positioning System) 高保真 high fidelity(常简写为hi-fi) 移动梦网 Monternet...


projects to divert water from the south to the north 南水北调工程

以下个人乱翻,仅供参考: Song in the bird cage 鸟笼里的歌 Should I sing? if I sing 我能唱么?若我唱了 Sky Look wind tomorrow 明日天空一样的风(or天色看起来明天会刮风,下同) Blow today 今天就会吹 Blow today 吹在今天 Morning in...

I really have been trying to divert attention, how to want to a person when you are not in quiet is. 艾 瑞咧 还无 本 除艾樱 图 迪弗勒腾身,好 图 王特 图 额 曝恶神 问 有 而 闹特 因 快艾特 is

Relax the body and spirit, to divert attention, not to think of something to make you unhappy, you can do things their own interest

Yu from the water to Noah's Ark to see differences between Eastern and Western cultures From the ancient civilization of mankind's struggle with the floods began. Whether China's water Yu legend story of Noah's Ark or the West,...

灯塔笑话的原英文版本 广泛流传 后被辟谣Believe it or not...this is the transcript of an actual radio conversation between a US naval ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in October 1995. The Radio conversa...

1、真题参考翻译中"critics divert attention"被翻译成“批评者没有考虑”,它不是“批评者转移注意力”的意思么? A:"divert attention from"的意思是"转移了对什么的注意力",意译成中文不就成了"忽略"或是"没有考虑"吗?你体会一下. 2、"lies with ...


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