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可以通过以下方法解决问题: 1、建议你使用有道词典或者百度翻译。

Dear XXX, I am sorry that PENNY has been gone to Hong Kong for business, and she will be back at 22 this month. So she will reply you at 22 once she come back. Apologise again for the inconvenience to you. Thank you. XXX

Maybe you are puzzled in the calculation of prices. But there are some items you do not clear in the process of our calculation, also the method. We really know that you are desired to understand the whole thing. In fact, its a...

这是《英语国家概况》里的句子: 意思是英国的国教是英格兰教和苏格兰教。 Established church 是国教的意思

烹饪方法:cooking techniques 煎:pan-frying 炒:stir-frying 爆:quick-frying 炸:deep-frying 烩:stewing 熏:smoking 煨:simmering 煮:boiling 烘:baking 烤:roasting 蒸:steaming 红烧:braising(with soy sauce) 话说这 个性炒 是...

供您选择: A man of great wisdom often appears slow-witted. A master looks like a fool. An intelligent man looks dull. Apparent ignorance is in fact informed. An empty vessel makes the most sound. Still water runs deep. Full ve...

He spent his childhood in the village. She did not focus on listening teacher's lesson so she failed in the examination. How many members are there in your group? We should go to school on foot but not by bus.

the system provides statistical info for managers from 2 dimensions, firstly, gather profiting data and box-office from each branch- theatres at all time slots secondly, gather statistics on screening films info and compare it ...

我觉得,你还是放弃吧,不会有人在这个上面给你 长篇大论的翻译的,并且分还少~~~~~~~

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