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在线等用英语怎么说 在线等 翻译: 1 wait online 2 online waiting

John 和Kate是朋友,John 在另一个城市找到一份新工作,离Kate工作的地方非常远,因此他们不能经常见面

Keeping health is the most important.

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Room.701,Unit 1,Building No.36,No.72,Hongdu Canton Street, QingShanhu District,Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province,the People's Republic of China. 中华人民共和国江西省南昌市洪都中大道72号36栋1单元701室 格式: 中文地址的排列顺...


Human resource management is an important guarantee for the survival and development, recruitment human resources management is the prerequisite and basis for the enterprise to achieve its goal of performance and an important g...

1, Have you got your own Barbie? have you got a Barbie of your own? 2, If you can choose, which type of Barbie would take? 3, What do you think Barbies are for?

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