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未确定 TBD (TO BE DETERMINED) 翻译: Hello! XXX. I'm XXX. Here is the timing chart for our production.

Dear XXX, I am sorry that PENNY has been gone to Hong Kong for business, and she will be back at 22 this month. So she will reply you at 22 once she come back. Apologise again for the inconvenience to you. Thank you. XXX


John 和Kate是朋友,John 在另一个城市找到一份新工作,离Kate工作的地方非常远,因此他们不能经常见面

应该是某产品说明书上的吧. 就我们目前最好的知识来说,此处包含的信息是准确的。然而,不管是ADEKA化学供应公司或其任何附属公司都对其所包含的任何信息的准确性或完整性的 承担任何责任。任何材料适用性的最终决定取决于用户。所有的材料可能...

这是《英语国家概况》里的句子: 意思是英国的国教是英格兰教和苏格兰教。 Established church 是国教的意思

今天我要说的是外星人 Today I want to say is an alien 外星人是人类对地球以外智慧生物的统称,Alien to the earth is beyond human wisdom of biological collectively, 但现今人类还无法确定是否有外星生命,But now, the human still are n...


Maybe you are puzzled in the calculation of prices. But there are some items you do not clear in the process of our calculation, also the method. We really know that you are desired to understand the whole thing. In fact, its a...

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