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Mechanic Electronic Equipment Co.,Ltd Machinery Electronical Equipment Co., Ltd M & E Equipment Co.,Ltd 上百度搜了一下这些公司,最常见的是这几个。

在线等用英语怎么说 在线等 翻译: 1 wait online 2 online waiting

成本会计的工作内容: The contents of cost accounting 1、 根据技术部部门提供的产品图纸,建立产品定额台帐,包括材料和工时两大部分 According to the Ministry of technical drawings products sector, the establishment of a fixed accou...

未确定 TBD (TO BE DETERMINED) 翻译: Hello! XXX. I'm XXX. Here is the timing chart for our production.

Dear XXX, I am sorry that PENNY has been gone to Hong Kong for business, and she will be back at 22 this month. So she will reply you at 22 once she come back. Apologise again for the inconvenience to you. Thank you. XXX

According to Jobs, what should we not lose when life hits you in the head with a brick? 以乔布斯的观点,当我们在生活中遭到迎头痛击的时候,什么东西是不能放弃的? 9. Does Jobs encourage us to think that we have something to lose?...

Room.701,Unit 1,Building No.36,No.72,Hongdu Canton Street, QingShanhu District,Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province,the People's Republic of China. 中华人民共和国江西省南昌市洪都中大道72号36栋1单元701室 格式: 中文地址的排列顺...

今天我要说的是外星人 Today I want to say is an alien 外星人是人类对地球以外智慧生物的统称,Alien to the earth is beyond human wisdom of biological collectively, 但现今人类还无法确定是否有外星生命,But now, the human still are n...

1.Tigers feed on all kinds of animals. 2.It's very difficult for pandas to breed. 3.A lot of animals are in danger. 4.As a result,giant pandas may have no place to live and no food to eat. 5.We should make laws to protect forests.

我也是文科的学生,不过现在大一啦 1.文科有时间有兴趣应该读经典名著,没太多时间就看看名家散文吧 2.英语写作当然得靠多写多练啊,技巧是掌握专用句型,套用句式 3.你的书是指什么类的?语文:余秋雨,郁达夫,张晓风之类的不错;英语的一般就...

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