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请等一下,我马上就来 翻译是: Wait a minute, I'll be here right now

这些菜足够吃的,你可能会下令然后,当你觉得没有。你怎么感觉? [可能意味着愿望,效果会更好。这里_] 我祝你好运_

please sit down,andwait a moment.

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My mother go out for shopping,she will come back soon.我妈妈买东西去了,等一下就回来

Everyday we face all kinds of risks, and insurance is in the business of providing us a means to transfer or share these risks, usually to eliminate or reduce the resulting financial burden, in exchange for a predetermined pric...

They temporarily live a happy life. His parents lost their job at the moment. Wait a minute, he will be back soon.


有的人说,他变成了一棵大树。傣族人民为了纪念李良...固梦得此难题,立即闭门谢客,把自己关在房间里,日...关于英语翻译大家都在问些什么问题呢? 相关行家 gms...

There is no room to store us in the elevator.Let's wait for a moment.

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