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有首英文歌歌词是"I know i know you know"重复很...

歌名:Ain't no sunshine 词曲作者及演唱者:Bill Withers 网页链接

歌词“i know you hear me now”出自歌曲《Hear Me Now》,是Five演唱的,女生版的可能是翻唱。 歌名:Hear Me Now 所属专辑:《Let;S Dance》 时长:3:36 歌手:Five 歌词: If you think you;re ready Let the games begin Just roll the dice n...


Ain't No Sunshine 是这首

impossible-James Arthur

肯定是carly rae jepsen的curiosity 这是她仅次于call me maybe 最火的一首了,别忘了采纳!

m80的《feeling you》 ??

不知道你说的是不是这首... Seeing stars - Borns Saw her walking on the side of the road, on the sidewalk chalk from my balcony window First sight she made me look twice, cause I never seen someone walk as light as the wind blows...

curiosity(carley rae jepson)

This Used To Be My Playground - Madonna This used to be my playground This used to be my childhood dream This used to be the place I ran to Whenever I was in need Of a friend Why did it have to end And why do they always say Do...

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