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温馨提示 英语怎么说

Kindly Reminder ;Warm prompt ;warm tips;警方温馨提示:Friendly Tips

「温馨提示」 "Warm prompt" 「温馨提示」 "Warm prompt"

friendly reminder

Warmly remind


Warm Tips Tips本来就可以了,你既然要温馨,就加个warm吧。

look out 小心

Warm prompt:1.The code of wifi of this room is12345678 2.Please turn off the air-condition, tap and electricial equipments before you leave the room. 3.Don't forget to bring the key with you and your luxury goods. 4.Don't smoke...

温馨提示 Tips 谢绝外带 Taking out is not allowed. 适量取用 Taking according to your need.

distinguished guest! Good morning. Thank you for choosing ...to have lunch(午餐), here please allow us to express our high respect to you. In order to comaintain the safety rules of the hotel, produce a happy and secure enviro...

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