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晚餐的英文翻译是supper,音标是英 ['sʌpə] 美 ['sʌpɚ] 。 词汇分析释义: 晚餐,晚饭;夜宵 短语Supper Typhoon 超强台风 midnight supper 晚饭 ; 晚上吃的饭 SUPPER POPO 超级天线宝宝冒险 buffet supper 自助晚餐 拓展资...

(It's) time for supper. 括号里的部分可以省略。 晚餐 supper 早餐 breakfast 午餐 lunch 通常口语中,可直接用 Time for supper! 来表示该吃晚饭啦。

1、早餐:breakfast 2、午餐:lunch 3、晚餐:dinner 读音: 1、breakfast:英 ['brekfəst] 美 ['brɛkfəst] 2、lunch:英 [lʌn(t)ʃ] 美 [lʌntʃ] 3、dinner:英 ['dɪnə] 美 ['dɪnɚ] 释义...

What do you have for dinner?

你好,晚餐吃什么用英语表述就是:What's for dinner? 求采纳,谢谢亲!

Breakfast voucher Lunch voucher Dinner voucher 不能用coupon,因为coupon一般是作‘折扣券’联合使用的,而不是‘凭此券兑换某顿饭’的意思。

你写的有错误,起码也是what do you want for dinnner? 这里不适合用be动词,因为你晚饭“想”吃什么,want,是一个动词,疑问句就得用whay do you want ..?你见过别人说what are you want...?

对应的英语: To have dinner with someone together. 例如: He had dinner with his guest together yesterday evening.

英国谚语:Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, supper like a pauper. 这句话翻译成中文是:早餐像国王,午餐像王子,晚餐像乞丐。 Eat well for breakfast Eat full for lunch Eat well for dinner 这是中国式英语。

My dinner not sumptuous,but is delicious.I like pork and vegetables.These dishes are made by my mother,she cook very delicious,my slobber. 我的晚餐不算丰盛,但算得美味.有我最喜欢的猪肉和青菜.这些菜都是我妈妈做的,她做菜非常好吃,...

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