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一般现在时: I like reading. 我喜欢读书。 She wants a big present. 她想要一份大礼。 Do you love me? 你爱我吗? 一般将来时: I will go swimming. 我要去游泳。 He won't work in Guangdong. 他不会去广东工作。 Will he call on me? 他...

一般现在时:she goes to school by car. he has ice-cream. my mother often watches TV at home. she plays games with me. he usually reads books in the afrernoon.

一般现在时:He goes to Beijing to travel

I do/did/will do exercise. I do/did/will do homework. I watch/watched /will watchTV. I play/played/will play football. I buy/bought/will buy a bag. I earn/earned/will earn much money. I look after/looked after/will look after h...

一般过去时:He went to school yesterday 一般现在时:He goes to school by bike 一般将来时:He will go home tomorrow 现在进行时:He is watching TV

I get up early everyday He plays basketball everyday My brother has a baseball

过去式loved 一般现在时love 一般将来时will love

We often plant trees in spring.

一般现在时:表示现在经常反复发生的动作、存在的状态或习惯性的动作的时态。可概括为①经常性或习惯性动作;②长期存在的特征或状态;③普遍真理、客观事实等。构成:一般现在时用行为动词的原形,但第三人称单数作主语时,动词的词尾要加-S 关键...

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