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In order to make a purchase, click proceed to checkout. Fill out the required information 为了进行购买,点击 ‘proceed(继续)' 进行结算。填写所需的信息 我填写送货地址了,是香港,然而计算出的运费是“Hong Kong Post $15.63”?你不是说...

如果翻译完对你没任何帮助的话,请不要采用我的 1 You'll spend your ordinary life stupidly. 2 You are sure not to know,for you're too ulgar. 3 Sooner or later you'll know a person like you is not qualified to exist in the world. 4...

Your heartDo I have my seatYou once said, a friend's life together.You put the seed of friendship in my heartAnd now, we're not togetherDo you still think of meThink of together through the yearsSaid time will dilute the friend...

If you‘re not very good at English ,don’t show off often,OK?

1 I will wait you at XX bar at nine pm today/tomorrow/the day after tomorrow! 2 How about entering the bar? 3 Are you free tonight/tomorrow night/the day after tomorrow night? 4 Let us meet at XX bar.

Dear. I never so called you, miss you so much! Think about these things, recently can know you I have satisfied, return to what you expect. We know time is not long, and you every minute is happy, sometimes make you angry becau...

回答和翻译如下 : 1 . I am a boy . 2 . You are a girl . 3 . He is my cousin . 4 . He is my friend . 1 . 我是一个男孩 。 2 . 你是一个女孩 。 3 . 他是我的弟兄 。 4 . 他是我的朋友 。

It's just because I didn't want to post anything 只是因为我不喜欢发布(什么信息) Would we talk in direct message? 我们可以直接用信息交流吗?


“您说过,我们可不能拖到火烧眉毛了才去找点子、才开始写学期报告……” 百度嫌我字数不够

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