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你在线上吗 英文怎么翻译

你在线上吗的英语翻译:Are you online? 扩展资料短语: always online for you 只为你而在线 you are not online 你不在线 sword are online 剑在网上 造句: 1、Why don't you online? 你为什么不在线? 2、Say I have an online resource that I...

我不在线上_有道翻译 翻译结果: I am not online

behind是介词,不可以做谓语,需要加系动词be,,应该是I'm behind you

heights reached and kept by

你有时间吗 Are you free now 拓展材料: 1、你有时间吗?那里很漂亮。 Do you have time? It's very beautiful. 2、今天晚上下班后你有时间吗?有一个新餐馆我想去试一试。 Do you have some time after work tonight? There's a new restauran...

take me


Have you finished?

那个房间是你的吗 Is that your room 那个房间是你的吗 Is that your room

when are you usually online?

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