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OST原声大碟的全部曲目及详细介绍 http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kz=485878460 目录 曲名: 01 - Cowboy Timmy - Mr. Hankey the Christmas Pooo 02 - Mr. Garrison - Merry Fucking Christmas 03 - Eric Cartman - Oh Holy Night 04 - Juan Schwartz...

是他们在玩GUITAR HERO的那段吗? 那首歌是 carry on my wayward son BY KANSAS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WRABN7P8kb0 歌词: Carry On My Wayward Son There'll Be Peace When You Are Done Lay Your Weary Head To Rest Don't You Cry No...

Down With The Sickness----Disturbed

你好 你需要的资源已发送或发送ING 如果没有,请查看垃圾箱 满意请【速速采纳】 有问题请回邮或HI我

LadyGaGa的Poker Face

以下是完整歌词: Is it wrong for me to ask questions? Is it wrong to seek the truth? I just can't blindly accept their version. I can't base my logic on proof. Almost all the evidence points one way, But I'm like Charlie Sheen a...

我来告诉你一个很不好的消息吧...... 这首歌想下载的话, 很难 因为它是SP的原创歌曲 Wendy's Song (I Remember When) sung by Courtney Ford I remember when we fell in love The moments that we shared were timeless Saw it in the wind, kn...

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