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1.你们想要来点喝的吗? Would you like something to drink? 2.你要的三明治,是要大的还是小的? Would you like small sandwich or a big one? 3.你不应该用筷子指人。 You shouldn't_______ _______ _______anyone with your chopsticks. 4....


以下是正确的翻译: That 72-year-old professor was much too grievous when his wife died in her sixties。The life will be very hard for him who has nobody else to rely on。 Two amateur painters held a personal art exhibition in l...

Our concern is that many of the files/documents aren't available from us. If you can't accept it, then we'll have to refuse to examining and verifying it. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟!请记得采纳,多谢!

think safe safe and sound Securita 希腊女神,平静和安全的象征

您好,您写的大致意思正确,但不够标准,书面写法可参考以下翻译: Please disburse the claim payment from Contract A, USD X, to the claim account of Contract B. 楼上“热心网友”最搞笑,还“软件翻译”,那么自己写的是什么?已检举。 希望...

I will soon integrate into the team

Are you saying all your factory documents are in Enlgish but not in Malaysian? 或者Do you mean....

可根据理解,有两种翻译: 1。 没改完的(相同的)问题 You may continue to correct the problem that you have not yet completed. 2。 没改完的(不相同的)问题 You may continue to correct the problems that have not yet been done.

这句是口语,没有必要说的这么严肃,can i take a picture with you in memory of our friendship. 补充翻译:these pictures will be our forever memory,i will never forget you,the foreign friend, who came from the other side of the wo...

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