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Please don‘t high altitude parabolic Please don‘t是请不要, High altitude parabolic是高空抛物

think safe safe and sound Securita 希腊女神,平静和安全的象征

Our concern is that many of the files/documents aren't available from us. If you can't accept it, then we'll have to refuse to examining and verifying it. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟!请记得采纳,多谢!

It will take two weeks to apply for visas, and on the other hand, the Chinese New Year is coming, many employees in our company will ask for leave, so could you please arrange the meeting time in late February? (仅供参考) 纯...

最近的4年,我都一直从事系统管理员的工作: in the last 4 years(或者不写,然后在句子后面补上 for the last 4 years), i've been working as a system(系统) manager(管理员)或者 i've been managing operating-systems (管理系统4年,属于...

Judges interviewed room Dean liberating room Chat Room Litigation Services Center Mediation room 望采纳,谢谢

1.Hhe last breakfast 2.Hhe girl snowflake 3.How to save you my dear stepfather 4.Hoping to joining the Spring Festival evening gala. 5.Focusing on the

I'm good at those cheating treats, though i can not deceive myself all the time. I agree that our food is nutritious and most of us have a balanced diet. But I still haven't given up the hope to find a way to speed up falling a...

Talking about this product unique is that where we are most proud of, this is our 4-year results. When you lie on a special bed for our products, the entire people will float, which is why we use a combination of electromagneti...

"我们协会的名字是大学生就业创业协会." "The name of our association is called The Employment and Entreprenuership Association of the Undergraduates." “大学生就业创业协会” "The Employment and Entreprenuership Association of the U...

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