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Yaodu District of Linfen City Shanxi Province Xiangyang Road Wan District Council Room 201 of Building 13

1.Brando to the plight of Native Americans; Day to animal rights 白兰度关注美洲印第安人的困境;戴尔维护动物权力。 2.Few birth twins have proven more compatible than these two artists, who have collaborated on many projects over...

1, bonus 2, rest-day 3, souvenir 4, gift 5, 6, wishes you 7 finally , lucky to be 8, outdoors 9, other 10 photographs

请进来看看,里边还有许多款式 Please come in and see, there are many styles 注: styles 英 [staɪls] 美 [staɪls] n. 风格; 风度( style的名词复数 ); 作风; 种类; [例句]Our children's different needs and learning styles crea...

doctor, actor, lawyer or a singer 医生、演员、律师或歌手 why not president, be a dreamer 为什么不是总统,做一个梦想家 you can be just the one you wanna be 你可以成为你想成为的人 i know that we all got one thing 我知道我们都有一...

hi, overprice = overvalue underprice = undervalue

没有大问题,说得通,但不是非常地道: I wasn't the first person whose hand you took and neither the first you hugged; I wan't the first person you kissed and nor the first you once had; Yet I do wish I might be the first person ...

专业英语8级翻译 以上文字 150元 有意给我发信息

在底部的单词“四小时看霍尔小姐唱歌和跳舞,£3:“注意:“5 P.M.I后得到一小时十五先令而不是10先令。”

大家都还好吧! 东方神起在日本过的很好.^^ 虽然因为天气很热所以很容易就变的烦躁, 但更因如此! 我们更需要努力! 大家.知道了吗! 7月.我们吃了照片里的食物!! 看起来很不错吧?^_^ 是日本很有名的章鱼盖饭! 是在chanle-a录象的时候吃的, 虽然是炎...

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