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1、Can you tell me when does the train leave? 2、I don't think he will come. 3、It was I who found the lost book yesterday. 4、They were watching TV when Mom came in.

When do you arrive at Beijing? We have a great time.We enjoy ourselves. It seems that nobody knows Judy He decided not to go swimming because of the weather. Your teacher is waiting for you in the classroom I have enough money ...

You'd better put on your coat, or you'll catch a cold. 2 could you please tell me how long have you smoked?

第一句:Please find out when the train is gonna depart to Tianjin. Please find out when the train is going to Tianjin. OR: Please check out when the train is gonna depart to tianjin. Please check out when the train is going to ...

翻译示例 1Do it right now or in another time? 2When tell you the outcome?

正在使用发音 1. china is such a beautiful and romantic country, do you like it? 2. I love this beautiful China so much. How about you?

1Please find out when the train will set out to tianjin 2The girl fell down, but did not cry

One and/plus one is two. One and/plus one equals two. One and/plus one makes two.

Please translate these sentences into English.2. Who also know English proverb?Please tell me!3. The English proverb reminds you of what?4. Please cherish now learning time!You will be very happy!Won't regret it!

1 Please write to me and tell me about your last weekend.(没说具体时态啊...) 2 Li Lin 's father always plays with him. 求采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

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