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1、Can you tell me when does the train leave? 2、I don't think he will come. 3、It was I who found the lost book yesterday. 4、They were watching TV when Mom came in.

1 I think that cloning animal nutritional value of food and animal food are not much different from the conventional. 1我认为克隆动物食品的营养价值和常规动物食品没多大差别。 2 I think the cloning technology can guarantee food q...

1 You go to see her in the first place. 2 We have said that we would let you see it for yourself. 不满意我还可以再改改。

You'd better put on your coat, or you'll catch a cold. 2 could you please tell me how long have you smoked?

正在使用发音 1. china is such a beautiful and romantic country, do you like it? 2. I love this beautiful China so much. How about you?

One and/plus one is two. One and/plus one equals two. One and/plus one makes two.

1 because of hunting, many wild animals are in danger.2 tigers can climb and swim. They can run very fast, but it's just a short while.3 wolves can hear, see, smell something, and always work in a team.4 many famous artists hav...

金山词霸你下载2009版好了 迅雷上一搜索就有.

1. the English experiment activity held last Friday

1.This is the best I can do. 2.I could get online before 9 3. I will take damn good care of you.

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