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1 I think that cloning animal nutritional value of food and animal food are not much different from the conventional. 1我认为克隆动物食品的营养价值和常规动物食品没多大差别。 2 I think the cloning technology can guarantee food q...

正在使用发音 1. china is such a beautiful and romantic country, do you like it? 2. I love this beautiful China so much. How about you?

1. the English experiment activity held last Friday

We are in the same grade but in different classes. What do you think of your teachers? They are good. Let's buy clothes during on sale. When is your uncle's birthday? It's on December 9th. The clothes we are selling are very ch...

Can you tell me which I should buy/get? 亲:高老师祝你学习进步,每天都开心V_V! 望采纳,thx!

One and/plus one is two. One and/plus one equals two. One and/plus one makes two.

1.问:元旦在什么时候? Q: When is the New Year ? 答:在1月1日。A: It's on Jan 1st. 2.问:儿童节在什么时候?Q: When is the Children's Day ? 答:在6月1日。 A: It's on Jane 1st. 3.问:国庆节在什么时候? Q: When is the National Day ? 答...

1 You go to see her in the first place. 2 We have said that we would let you see it for yourself. 不满意我还可以再改改。

一...就... 结构表示为 as soon as 引导时间状语从句 主句和从句时态不是一致的 我一到加拿大 为从句 选用一般现在时 就给你打电话 为主句 因是还没做打电话这样的动作 用一般将来时 所以原句翻译做: As soon as I arrive Canada I will call y...

你能告诉我一张票要付多少钱吗 Can you tell me how much is the ticket 你能告诉我一张票要付多少钱吗 Can you tell me how much is the ticket

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