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1.what man cannot live in a house? 什么人不能住在房子里? Key: snowman(雪人) 2.What never asks questions but gets a lot of answers? 什么东西永远不问问题但是却能得到很多答案? Key: dictionary (字典) 3.What question can yo...

1.What coat is put on only when it is wet? Answer:A coat of raincoat. 2.Why is the letter T like an island? Answer:Because it is in the middle of water. 3.Why is your nose not twelve inches long? Answer:Because then it would be...

riddle 英 [ˈrɪdl] 美 [ˈrɪdl] n. 谜语;粗筛;猜不透的难题,难解之谜 v. 用筛分选(卵石等),筛分;用子弹把耙子打成蜂窝似的;精查(证据);解(谜),猜 第三人称单数: riddles 复数: riddles 现在分词: riddling 过去...

wers come out. On the playground, in the fields, on each side of the road, the young grass grows everywhere.

About the policeman's riddle 1, riddle: The thief saw cat, satuijiupao. Fan: to play a job Tips: according to their professional characteristics to guess. Answer: Police 2, riddle: Fan: to play a job Tip: what kind of career ca...

你好,是可数名词,加s 不理解的地方可以继续提问(*^ω^*)满意的话请采纳哦(≧∇≦)/

儿童谜语大全5到6岁的英文翻译 儿童谜语大全5到6岁 Children's riddles are 5 to 6 years old 重点词汇 儿童children; enfant; small-fry; young one 谜语riddle; conundrum 大全complete works of; a complete collection of;

lali riddle card 是法国的,贺卡不是很清楚,但是每张明信片上面都有一个迷,反面有谜底。


我给大家猜个谜语 I'll give you a riddle. 谜语 [mí yǔ] n. riddle guess and explain riddles; 谜语猜释 propose a riddle; 出谜语 Can you answer this riddle? 你能猜出这个谜语吗? 希望能帮助到你,望采纳!!!

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