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1.What coat is put on only when it is wet? Answer:A coat of raincoat. 2.Why is the letter T like an island? Answer:Because it is in the middle of water. 3.Why is your nose not twelve inches long? Answer:Because then it would be...

楼主难度可以自己定,题目都很有意思: 1.What month do soldiers hate? --March (三月,行军) 2.How many feet are there in a yard? --It depends on how many people stand in the yard. (码,院子) 3.Why is an empty purse always the same...

English Puzzle或者English Riddle

你好,是可数名词,加s 不理解的地方可以继续提问(*^ω^*)满意的话请采纳哦(≧∇≦)/

A short tail. Food, do not eat. ( strike one animal name ) Rabbit Dumplings face, club foot. In front of behind would shout. ( strike one animal name ) dog The little girl, night shade. With lanterns, shining bright. ( strike o...

God ) we had a holiday, is used to celebrate mass and money tree. On Christmas Eve, Christmas and a clean political figures, as well as a kind of lawyers in a senior hotel the same elevator. The door is opened, three people at ...

conundrum 或riddle riddle:n. 谜,谜语 v. 解谜,出谜题 过去式riddled 过去分词riddled 现在分词riddling 名词riddler conundrum;n. 迷,难题,迷样的人

riddle是Puzzle的一种,比较幽默滑稽的那种。puzzle的概念大,riddle的概念校所以词典里解释是: A riddle is a puzzle or joke in which you ask a question that seems to be nonsense but which has a clever or amusing answer A puzzle is ...


谜语 英文为:riddle riddle 英 ['rɪd(ə)l] 美 ['rɪdl] vt. 解谜;给...出谜;充满于 n. 谜语;粗筛;谜一般的人、东西、事情等 vi. 出谜 谜底 英文为:answer to a riddle

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